Obsah fóra Die Kapitäne - CZ centrum série simulátoru Silent Hunter
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Podle infa ze subsimu by mel vyjit 12. dubna, tady je jeho obsah:
Fix for CO2 not being saved correctly
Fix for crew morale.
Fix for weather being reset to clear weather after load.
Fixes for crewmen showing under water under certain conditions
Fixes for ships exploding in ports for unapparent reasons or hitting the shore
Now waypoint tools are not accessible in bunker anymore
Compass added
Return to course added
Several fixes to ship recognition manual
Depth under keel added
Morale reaching 0 bug fixed
Several crew abilities (like man the deck gun and man the flack gun don?t cost morale anymore)
Several crew animation and interaction fixes
Fixed performance problems inside submarine
Shadow optimizations
Fixed very slow eye light adaptation after a lost device (alt-tab)
Fixed selection contour being visible when a character was already selected
Fixed a bug where the moon was closer than it should
Fixed a bug where the sun disk would be visible underneath thick cloud cover
Environmental lighting and effects improvements
Improvements on particle performance on single core processors
Fixed torpedo doors
Fixed torpedo propeller (not turning)
Fixed electric torpedoes trail
Fixed spawn radius for some convoys (previously spawned on the shore)
Fixed several dials that were not working inside the submarine
Ports in the north Africa in the German territory are under enemy occupation
South Africa supplies: The existence of another ship that looks identically with the targeted one may generate confusion
No more crewmen on burning ships
Fixed a bug where the player can get stuck in the sub's outer hatch geometry
Crewmen on deck change clothes during bad weather
German language localization fixes

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